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** OPENINGS UPDATE 2022! ** --updated Wednesday 7/27/22

2 bedroom cottages -
7/30-8/6 Walleye cottage
8/27-9/3 Musky cottage
Labor Day weekend - Bass only 9/3-9/8 open
Various dates in Sep and Oct

1 bedroom cottage -
8/27-9/3 Perch cottage
Labor Day weekend - Perch cottage
Various dates in Sep and Oct

Only full weeks are available for rent from June 4 thru August 26, 2022. If 2 consecutive Saturdays are showing as un-shaded and/or are diagonally un-shaded on the calendar, that week is open!

If there are any questions as to availability, please call 715-356-4128 (leave a message) or email oldstoneysresort@gmail.com.

Cottage NameAvailability
Bass (4)Check Availability
Musky (4)Check Availability
Perch (2)Check Availability
Walleye (4)Check Availability

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Accommodations and facilities are forĀ Old Stoney’sĀ customers only. We reserve the right to charge visitors.